Welcome to Remixdj home of producer, songwriter and instrumentalist Tom Peters. Here you can find my full catalogue of remixes, covers and original works spanning the last decade and beyond. I draw upon many genres including pop and jazz through to alternative and electronic idioms, so there should be a little something for all to enjoy.

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When we’re not busy remixing, we like to spread the love by vandalising state property – for purely subversive reasons you understand. Not much more to it then that really – we take old masterpieces and we vandalise them too! If you are looking for a more academic account of what we do, then follow the link below.

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Leo Delibes: 1836-1891

Delibes is the first to undergo our remixification process and what better way to start than with the breathtaking Flower Duet aria from Lakme. This intoxicating piece has since been further immortalised in the film Shawshank Redemption and True Romance, to name but a few.

Flower Duet Remixed

Debussy Painting

Debussy: 1862-1918

Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune is arguably the most beautiful of this French composer’s piano pieces. Translating as Light of the Moon it is the third movement of his Suite Bergamasque

It brings us great pleasure to present a suite of contemporary mixes drawing on a number of contemporary styles ranging from ambient electronica through into dub-step and rock. Yes we are truly putting the Dub in Dubussy!

Clair de Lune Remixed

Erik Satie Painting

Erik Satie: 1866-1925

The last of our featured French composers, Erik Satie makes for a the perfect accompaniment or desert, if you will, to his contemporaries Debussy and Delibes. We are delighted to present the first and most notable piece from Mr. Satie’s Trois Gymnopédies.

Gymnopedie Remixed

What's Up Doc?

Coming Soon!

We have had enough of picking on the French, in our next series of covers we will be having a pop at the British. We are very excited and can’t wait to get cracking with this one so watch this space…


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Everything She Wants: The Remix

Can’t tell you how excited we are to present our homage to George Michael and his hit single, Everything She Wants! This one has to be a first in terms of music because we start as a cover and finish the track as a remix mixing the original back in so George gets the final say. We think that’s only fair! It features a new addition to the firm with the attitude and poise of Maddy Gerosa, a rising star in anyone’s estimation.

We have enjoyed this remix / cover so much that we have decided to take a break from the older classics and visit the 1980′s for a series of remixes paying homage to that wonderfully fashionable era. We already have the next one on the way so keep your noses to the ground and your ears towards the heavens!