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Welcome to Remixdj, a leading Indie record label specialising in Good Music! Formed in 2010 the company has been able to take advantage of the shift toward digital music marketing and consumption. Since this time, Remixdj has flourished and expanded its catalogue to be inclusive of a vast array of different styles, many of which have been placed in commercials, promotions and various other sync opportunities.

The Mozart Project

Mozart is the main man in the Classical Music genre and we are ever-so slightly daunted by the size of this prolific composers catalogue! Of course this essential collection features his most notable and famous compositions, but we could not help add a few of our favourites too! Available in all good retailers now! Or listen for FREE now on the link below!

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Maurice Ravel – The Essential Collection

Explore the works of impressionist French pianist Ravel in , Maurice Ravel – The Essential Collection the full range of the human emotive experience are conveyed in this mans legacy – if you haven’t already, make it an integral part of your library today

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Chopin – The Essential Collection

Presenting our latest & greatest, Chopin – The Essential Collection covers a comprehensive selection of his more notable Nocturnes, Préludes & Études. We simply cannot get enough of this legendary Polish composer!

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Erik Satie – The Essential Collection

We are most pleased to present our latest release, Erik Satie – The Essential Collection. He is the second of our french impressionists to feature, and we absolutely love him!

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Claude Debussy – The Essential Collection

We could wax lyrical about this man until the cows come home, suffice to say the man is an un-mitigating genius on the keys and his legacy is a cultural treasure that will span the eons. Claude Debussy- The Essential Collection is available in all good retailers or you can just listen to it here for free. Good eh?

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